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It Began at Scarborough Faire

That's what I tell people when they ask how I got into all this "stuff." After years of being unable to go to Dallas' famed Renaissance Faire, I finally had the opportunity this year. After perusing many of the shops, I stumbled into a tiny nook wedged between two larger shops and there hanged glass orbs and tear-drop shaped ornaments with tiny plants of all varieties. Some had tiny stones or gems in them - all unique and beautiful. I thought, "I love these, maybe I could make my own." Thus, my adventure began.

It started simple - a few tiny succulents from Home Depot and a quick Amazon purchase of a succulent kit with five small vases with twine - just enough to hook me. Only a few weeks later our back patio was covered with hanging terrariums, hoisted planters, and two large potted tree-like plants. My husband, supportive, said I should sell some of them - those that I had put my own decorations and flare to - and I thought - no one would want these.

But I considered it a while and thought - maybe?

Fast forward a couple of months later and my friend invited me to participate in wreath making for the upcoming Fall holidays. I had never made one and neither had she, so off to Michael's we went and a few hundred dollars and silk flowers later we had accomplished our goal with our first hand-made wreaths. I was surprised at one, how easy it was, and two how fun it was.

I had to make more.

Along with the wreaths, I had gathered new supplies and materials and my terrariums turned elaborate and "extra" - and I finally agreed with my husband - maybe I could sell these.

So, here we are friend - a few hot glue gun scars and burnt finger tips later - I proudly announce that I'm in business. Send me your ideas, suggestions, and requests to inspire me and let's see where this adventure leads next!

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