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Commissions are Open!

Hello friends!

Thank you for all the love and support since my humble start on the internet with my first venture as an active artist and crafter :)

This is just a super quick update to share that I am looking to up my production of spooky items - wreaths and terrariums and hope you'll consider messaging me to snag an order! I also wanted to go ahead and officially announce I am opening commissions effective now!

Please understand I am a one-woman shop and still learning, so I ask for patience and understanding as I navigate my new venture.

With that said here's my current price listing but is subject to change along with any special customizations that are requested! To get an idea of sizes and complexity of my crafts, please check out my shop currently. I will post personal pieces that I am selling as is.

$60+ | 12" Wreath $65+ | Large Terrarium

$55+ | 10" Wreath $50+ | Medium Terrarium

$50+ | 8" Wreath $40+ | Small Terrarium

$75-$100+ Mobile Wreath $25+ | Mini Terrariums (larger)

$20+ | Mini Terrariums (smaller)

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